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Buy Guava (Amarood) from Haridwar Mart | Guava Benefits

Benefits of Guava

  • The sugar level in your body can be lowered with the guava and is a blessing in disguise for diabetic patients
  • With a quality amount of potassium in it, your heart will remain strong
  • It is highly rich in fiber, so your digestive tract is made strong by its daily consumption
  • Women who are suffering from cramps due to menstruation can eat guava to relieve the pain
  • This fruit has low calories, so it becomes more accessible for people to keep their weight in check


Why buy from Haridwar Mart?

  • Numerous offers are accessible on guava, making it affordable
  • Offered at quite a discounted price
  • Conveniently supplied from a local provider, making it clean and organic
  • Every fruit is fresh since no externally hazardous compounds have been added
  • One of our unique selling points is on-time delivery and doorstep delivery


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