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Buy Sweet Lemon (mosambi) from Haridwar Mart | Sweet Lemon Benefits

Benefits of Sweet Lemon:

  • It helps in controlling the weight by drinking it like lemon water.
  • Your immunity could be boosted with Vitamin C, which is also suitable for your heart health.
  • Sweet lemons have citric acid, which helps in increasing the amount of urine pH to prevent kidney stones.
  • It has got enough iron in it, which cures amenia, which is caused by a lack of Haemoglobin.
  • To get rid of digestive problems, people are advised to consume sweet lemon as it has a high content of fiber in it.


Why buy from Haridwar Mart?

  • Customer safety is our top priority, so we provide every item sanitized.
  • To make it user–friendly, we also have the feature of ordering on WhatsApp also.
  • To make it hassle-free, an online payment mode is also made available.
  • For some customers who prefer cash payment, cash on order is also there.
  • In the whole of Uttarakhand, we supply fresh fruit delivery.


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