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Buy Sapota (Chiku) from Haridwar Mart | Chiku Benefits

Benefits of Sapota :

  • Filled with glucose and calories, Sapota keeps you energetic for the whole day.
  • Containing enough Vitamin C, this fruit helps you enhance your immune power.
  • It benefits a lot to your skin by smoothening and clearing it as it has an adequate amount of minerals.
  • Glowing and healthy skin can be achieved with vitamin E present in it.
  • To soften and make your hair strong, Sapota is highly recommended.


Why buy from Haridwar Mart?

  • Customers can, however, conduct the online payment plus obey the covid guidelines.
  • We now give the capability of ordering on WhatsApp also.
  • We still serve cash on delivery.
  • People can receive quick and healthy fruit and vegetable delivery.
  • return policy is offered on retail products for a simple refund.

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