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Buy Orange (Kinnow) from Haridwar Mart | Kinnow Benefits

Benefits of Orange (Kinnow):

  • It helps your body in fighting with germs and helps you in boosting your immune system
  • It helps in killing the free radicals that result in cancer
  • People suffering from anxiety should consume oranges as it helps in lowering your stress level
  • This fruit is anti-inflammatory and thus helps in curing Alzheimer’s disease
  • With enough amount of calcium present in it, it cures muscle or bones related diseases


Why buy from Haridwar Mart?

  • We exclusively provide sanitized products
  • Our service is consumer-friendly, so you can purchase your orders on WhatsApp also
  • We provide contactless shipments so that you can reimburse us via online payment mode
  • We already feature cash on delivery option for the clients
  • There are almost no shipping fees, plus we offer free home delivery

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