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Buy Dates (Khajoor) from Haridwar Mart | Dates Benefits

Benefits of Dates:

  • This dry fruit is highly nutritious as it contains various nutrients like fiber, cholesterol, copper, potassium, and many more.
  • To enhance regular bowel moments, dates are recommended as it is highly rich in fiber.
  • High risk of diabetes, Alzheimer’s can be cured with flavonoids present in this dry fruit.
  • To make your brain strong, dates are consumed as it develops the function of the brain.
  • Women struggling with fertilizing should consume dates to induce laboring.


Why buy from HaridwarMart?

  • Discounted prices are tagged on some of the specially chosen items
  • Local providers work under our brand name to make it more realistic for our Uttarakhand people
  • For our beloved customers, we have the feature of doorstop delivery
  • Sanitized grocery items and religious goods are supplied to our clients
  • Order on WhatsApp also to make it easier for yourself to track your order

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